Logo-ul firmei Tehnicart SRL Timisoara

Manufacturer and Distributor of Plastic Items

TEHNIC-ART - manufacturer and distributor of bottles, jars, cans and other items made of PE, PP, PVC si PET

Our experts provide solutions customized to the client market needs.

There are two types of raw material that we use on a daily bases for manufacturing our products: polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE) of which we make bottles with a variety of capacities 0,100 litres, 0,150 litres, 0,200 litres, 0,250 litres, 0,370 litres, 0,420 litres, 0,5 litres, 0,6 litres, 0,75 litres, 1 liter, 1,25 litres, 1,5 liters, 2 liters and 5, 10 and 20 liters canisters and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles with different capacities: 0,1 litres, 0,2 litres, 0,3 litres, 0,33 litres, 0,5 liters, 1 liter, 1,5 liters, 2 litres, 5 litres. We also manufacture products made of polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC – powder or granules) and also other different types of materials.

In 2006 the firm was awarded SREN ISO 9001 certificate for quality management and SREN ISO 14001 for environmental management as recognition of fulfilling the most important industry standards.

Among our clients there are both local but also multinational companies.

Packages produced by our firm can be 100% recycled, we use the same types of raw materials as CE manufacturers!

    Our packiging are being used in different industries:
  • CHEMICAL PRODUCTS: chlorine, liquid detergents, glass washing liquids and other household cleaning products;
  • AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY PRODUCTS: liquid fertilizers, plant essence and extracts;
  • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY PRODUCTS:  anti-freeze and brake fluids, windscreen washing liquids, distilled water, oils and car cleaning products;
  • COSMETIC PRODUCTS: lotions, shampoos, gels, balm, permanent liquids and so on;
  • CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY PRODUCTS: liquid adhesives, primers, glues, dyestuff and so on;
  • FMCG INDUSTRY: alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, mustard, ketchup, milk and derivates etc;

TEHNIC-ART, as manufacturer and distributor of plastic packages, is a highly dynamic company. That is why we are open to new challanges and partnerships!